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14 July 2010 @ 01:21 am

If you haven't seen this you have to watch it. :D Why? Well, just listen to KC near the end with Clare. :)
11 July 2010 @ 12:01 am
Hey some of you rember bcak oh 08 April 2010, we had a nice discousin about Klare's  Worst Case Scenario & Beyond.. (if you would like to see it again or add any new thoughts here is the link http://community.livejournal.com/kcxclare/54417.html . any ways, one of the things that Asya (AKA nekoshoujo223) said she could see KC and Clare getting married in high school (If you have seen One Tree Hill, kinda like Haley and Nate) and i immdetly fell in love that idea. so after my other fanfic Baby There's A Shark In The Water(Here is th link if you wanted to read it. its not afully Klare centric story so i didnt post it here, although they are in it a lot)
(http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5997229/1/Baby_Theres_a_Shark_In_The_Water )

Its called Two Is Better Than One

Summery: Clare and KC know they are meant to be together, forever. So why wait until they are older to get married? After all when two people love each other as much as KC and Clare, why would you wait? With the stress and pressure of Senior year, and married life, as well as lies, betrayal, seduction and temptation, might prove too much for this already shaky pair. Can they selvage their relationship and their marriage? Or is this the end of KC and Clare forever?

Hope you check it out
10 July 2010 @ 07:16 am
I bet Jenna starts the rumor about Clare because KC was probably looking at her, or talking to her or something. Good to know Klare will probably never end, because, you know, after all they've been through, they just CAN'T forget about eachother. They just can't.

So knowing that Klare will probably never end gives me more hope for season 10.
At end of In Your Eyes, KC tells Clare and i qoute
"Clare, i realized something. All my problems this year started after you and I broke up!!!!"

So I made this video!!!!
Song: My Life Would Suck Without You
Artist: Glee Cast!!!

This video combines my two fave things: Klare and Glee!!!


02 July 2010 @ 11:05 pm
I was thinking about Clare, Eli and The death card and how KC could play into that.... now we have to first ask ourselves are Clare and KC even gonna be friends in season 10. Or is Clare gonna cut him out of her life totally.... I hope not.. And if they are friends how will Kc respond to another guy wanting Clare... cause lets face it.. its not gonna feel good for another guy thinking Clare is pretty and Clare liking another guy...... and KC and Jenna going down the tubes....(YAY!!!!!!) So how do you think this will all play out...

My thoughts?

I want Clare and Eli to date...I want Eli to be ubber bad boy. And Clare wanting so badly to "keep him" starts going down a bad girl route... the death card? I don't know... No one better die... (is all i am saying....) And Clare start to loose her self. And KC helps her to find herself.... If KC doesn't come through for Clare at least once this season... i will never be able forgive him for season 9. If he just helps Clare some how.... I will love KC again!!! (Who am i kidding i will always love KC!!!!)  

What has got you the most excited?
Check out my site i updated my posts.....
with the new episode descriptions...
01 July 2010 @ 01:55 am
Because we all love Sam/Ais twitter banter and we're so desperate for anything Klare these days:

I actually have no idea what this is in reference too. But I still think Ais's response was super cute~
What does everyone think needs to happen for Klare to make up or rather, before they can get back together? As a couple or as friends. It really doesn't matter. I just think that at this point, it's gonna take alot more than a simple, "I'm sorry" , to get back in Clare's (or Alli's and maybe Connor and Dave's) good graces.  KC  is gonna have to prove himself. Show Clare that he realises his mistakes in the matter of, what happened with Clare and everything. He's gonna have to take some blame and own up to his mistakes in listening to Jenna and listening to the coach, about breaking up with Clare---even though he didn't really want to, by what is seems like and the very idea seemed to make him sick/physically ill) I think he's gonna have to find somebody anybody, to talk to about why he feels like he has to listen to and do everything people tell him to do--even when it can be hurtful and harmful to others.

To me, it seems as if he does everything people tell him to, because he doesn't want them to leave him---even though that might be the best thing for him. It's why, I think that he listened to the coach for so long and didn't stop/tell anyone before it was almost too late. He'd already lost Clare (and Alli) by dumping her so harshly and he didn't have very good parents. His foster parents all gave up on him, most likely. He didn't want to see the coach and Jenna for the poison that they were/are to him. Which is why I think that it is so great that Clare gave him something to think about in, "In Your Eyes"


Oh and BTW, watching the promos again make me think that Clare has TWO favorite colors. Yellow and pink.
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wow! This is beyond late! First off I have to apologize to the winners. Secondly I want to say thanks again for everyone who participated in Spring Fever! If you have comments on this year's events please feel free to use this post to tell me them: click here

Now on to our winners!
Banners for meroko14 , nyaa_cat_kagome , wintersnow33 , kitkatty052692 , and myself.

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As for our past winners:
Banner pick up for iceflames96 , meroko14 , kitkatty052692 , nyaa_cat_kagome , wintersnow33 , nilla_cakester , and wakanda_8

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Congrats to all the winners! And thanks to everyone who voted in contests and participated in Spring Fever! You guys are the best!
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I think we all know that KC and Clare would have the most adorable children ever. But what do you think their names would be?

Personally I've been convinced for the past several months that they would have a son named Michael. It's a Christian name that I think Clare would like and although it's traditional I think KC would like it because it's a strong name. He'd go by Mikey for short.

Am I the only one who has spent time thinking about this?
So I spent a lot of time working on this project for this comm and I think we had a good run of it but with the hiatus we took after S9 ended and the fact it looks like KC and Clare's characters will be further explored separately next season, my personal judgment says Pic Spam needs a break.

I started this project as a way to count the days till Klare got back together so for me it's depressing to the see the number just going up and up. I think we Klare fans have had a frustrating time of it so the project turned into something of a hopeful consolation prize. There were certainly a number of mixed feeling brought on by this project.

I say "until further notice" because I would love to pick this project back up again... when Klare gets back together! I think it would make Daily Pic Spam less depressing if the pics I'm posting were actually of some happy times watching the two dating.

The writers really did us a disservice in a lot of ways. Klare ended way to soon and we never had a chance to enjoy any moments with them in a relationship. Let's hope that when the writers finally give us Klare 2.0 they'll change that!

And personally I think it would nice to end on a decent number like 175. If we get an early S10 episode filled with Klare-ness I think I might temporary restart so we can get to #200!

As a parting gift of sorts for pic spam I present a file of all 175 Pic Spam photos as well as any bonus pics I may have posted along the way. Enjoy!
Download rar file (size is 16.62MB):